Michele &       
Hope to Adopt

    Call or Text 646-650-8634

Email micheleandstevenadopt@gmail.com


We’ll be happy to get to know you and what your wishes are as we create an adoption plan together.  We’ll ease your worries as you get to know us. Texting, talking, and meeting would be great.

Let’s create an open or semi-open adoption relationship that you feel comfortable with.

We are excited to become parents through adoption. Our family and friends, especially our nieces and nephews, are happy we are trying to adopt.

Hi, We’re Michele and Steven

Our Child Will

    • Grow to feel good about his or her birth family and adoption

    • Be raised in our loving, caring, and supportive family with many cousins, several aunts, uncles and grandparents.

    • Know they can do anything they can put their mind to.

    • Receive our unconditional love and support to follow their dreams.

    • Have a great education.

Hope to hear from you soon.:)

Our Promise to You

A Kiss in Venice

Aunt Michele, Uncle Steven
and Hannah
Uncle Steven giving Henry a lift
Build-A-Bear with Uncle Steven,
Aaron & Jared
Anchors Away! with Aunt Michele, Uncle
Steven, Debbie, Rick, Ellie & Zach